When the going gets tough……..


Well these are extraordinary times. There has been mention that they are akin to a war. I can probably assure you they are not. Talking to my in laws about world war II in Hong Kong, they recall the streets being relatively quite, but people still going about there lives. Kids playing, business as usual etc . But then the bombs would fall. However, there was bravery, strength of purpose and belief in community. There was limited selfishness and more an ethos of generosity and sharing. More and more stories are now circulating on social media about this. In the UK they talk about community spirit, ordered rationing and spirit of ‘one for all’.

I personally see this now happening in Hong Kong. Selfishness and ‘the me’ attitude’ is gradually disappearing. There is always ‘the exception to the rule’, but generally there is another revival happening, a subtle paradigm shift. A similar shift occurred post SARS, when there was a huge awakening on personal hygiene and fitness. Now 18 years on, there are so many people out in the hills exercising, getting the fresh air and again, most are well behaved.

So, should I talk about sustainability and fish? Well in this missive only briefly. Once this bug is nipped in the bud, and it will be, life will not be the same. People will be more aware of others and of this world we live in. In that context I hope that there will be an awaking as to the mess we are making of the planet and that the maintenance of it is up to us. That we are responsible for its health, its upkeep, to ensure a future for our kids and generations to come.

I would like to propose that the sustainability enforcement mechanism, the ‘chain of custody’ now reveals its true worth. It not only shows that the seafood comes from a sustainable sources, but it is also handled through the supply chain in a safe and healthy matter. That the product you are getting is the best and is safe to eat. Surely in these times, that is a paramount driver for ‘buy in’ and change.

So again, please be aware. Look for a sustainable logo, and ensure that you get the best and safe seafood product.


CCH 20200325


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