What are you eating…. Again


I wrote a blog entitled ‘what seafood are you really buying in HK’ on the 10th April. Today I want to say more on this matter, due to an article published in ‘Huffpost’ a few days ago. One must read this article yourselves, but the bottom line was the fraud being conducted in the sale of fish. The researchers for this article actually DNA tested fish samples from sushi restaurants and grocery stores. Their results, whole sale fraud mirroring tests done by food safety officials in the USA and Canada. In fact In a study last year, 44 per cent of seafood tested in five cities by Oceana Canada was mislabelled. Similar surveys have found the results to be as high as 50 per cent. These amazing and shocking results included :-
• Tilapia, which is a white fish, being passed off as red tuna, which suggests it was dyed
• Rainbow trout actually being coho salmon — a more expensive fish
• Atlantic cod — a threatened fish species — being labelled as Pacific cod
• Rainbow trout labelled as Atlantic salmon
• Escolar, which contains an indigestible oil that can have a laxative effect on humans, was being called white tuna.

I have also discussed the wild salmon issue before. As regards the cod, it is usually Pacific cod being passed off as Atlantic cod, as it is cheaper, so this is a new take. So the advice from the article, as we have mentioned many many times, be more vigilant about where your food comes from. Quoting the researcher, "Buying certified-sustainable fish is also a good way to go if you want to ensure that what is on the label is what you're eating... On average, though, for most people it shouldn't change their eating habits. Does it taste good? Then eat it! If you have food-based allergies, make sure you're extra vigilant about what you eat, and maybe skip the fish when you're at a restaurant unless the chef can tell you the source of their fish." I would agree.


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