Using Apps to support sustainability


In many of my messages I have preached how it is necessary for us to create the change in attitudes on responsibly sourced seafood. This is especially so in my hometown, Hong Kong. Since the established retailers can’t be bothered to drive change and educate, it is up to the consumer to keep them honest and push for a better supply, integrity and honesty in what products they sell.


I would suggest that in Hong Kong, the apps presently being made available by NGOS and change organizations are actually quite progressive, abundant and extremely useful. Their information can then be supplemented by that from more international organizations and their respective apps.


So, let’s just have a quick look at what’s available locally in Hong Kong. The World Wildlife Fund ‘WWF’ has great credibility in the marketplace and seems to be the first port of call for most people wanting to source accredited seafood. Their guidelines are coded red to green, representing a definite ‘No Go’ area to a strong recommendation to buy respectively. It is a well-intended resource although I would suggest far too aggressive. But is does set a standard. Probably the best independent app in the market is ‘choose right today’ promulgated by a local socially responsible NGO. Very informative and well suited for the local population and its preferred seafood. To blow our own trumpet a little, our new website is also a very useful tool, in that it is intended as a resource to educate the user. It rates produce as to its sustainability whilst also introducing the notion of seasonality. Unfortunately, it is not in app form, a work in progress.


There are numerous resourceful websites available to aid the purchaser, MSC/ ASC, NOAA and Fishsource to name a few. However, probably the best is that produced by the Monterey aquarium called seafood watch. Also, in App form, this covers global species, is simple to use and gives good advice.


So, go make a difference. Lead by example. Educate yourself and in turn lets create change in the retail industry.



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