Time For more Food Safety


So, Hong Kong was given a hard time at the start of the pandemic. Not everything was done correctly here, but the people rallied together and we would appear to be coming out of this season relatively well. There is still a fear that there will be another spike, once the doors to the territory begin to open. That may be the case, but we are treading carefully, unlike other places, not to mention any by name, where there appears to have been a lack of leadership, any defined plan or even solidarity of any nature. Their second spike seems to be building on the none abated first.

Whilst other countries are still battling on, Hong Kong is very slowly trying to get back to normal. Unemployment figures, revealed late last week, are standing at 5.8% and could go to over 6%. But business is building and there is a sense of excitement mixed with caution, as we move ahead. The world will not be the same as before and I believe that in the food arena, there has to be greater control over the whole supply chain, where food safety and hygiene are even more closely monitored, where critical control points are effective and policed, and where end users drive positive change and insist on proof of chain of custody.

We at Pacific Rich have always maintained rigorous chain of custody in our supply chain, driven by our supply of accredited sustainable seafood. For us to use this to ensure enhanced food safety for products in the market is easy. We will continue to serve you and ensure you are getting quality and safe seafood. Please look out for the chain of custody accreditation, in Asia mainly MSC and ASC. Push your supermarkets, retailers and on line suppliers for proof of this. Take time to create change. You can do it.

CCH 2020 June

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