The state of the Oceans


Someone posted the image above on Facebook the other day, which funnily enough I picked up whilst at church.‘Yes’ it was a bit of a boring sermon and so I was ‘on line’ and got caught by my wife as it happens. Joking part, although there is a religious slant to the picture, I’ll not dwell on that other than to say that the bible does state ‘mankind was given dominion over the earth’. Whether one believes this or not is actually immaterial. We as humans are a dominant species, and have a responsibility, ‘have dominion’, but not in order to use or misuse it at any cost for any reason. We have destroyed many areas of the planet to suit our own needs and this earth groans under the weight of the ravaging and pillaging of the planet. What are people missing? Can they not see what we are doing???

As you probably aware, my area of concern are the oceans. I stress often that those of us that have the means, need to educate others. We need to maintain awareness of the issues of the oceans and decide how to make a difference. How one can educate, how one can lobby, how we can change mindsets. Since most suppliers don’t seem to care and retailers generally play ‘lip service’, can we create change organically?? I believe we can.

Lets not buy indiscriminately. Lets think! I’m not a foodie really, I enjoy a good meal and drink, but I don’t really chase or enthuse over a meal. However, when I join friends who are more aware than me, who pick a seasonal wine, a vegetable and then recommend a seafood as its ‘in season’, I have to admit, I walk away think that was spectacular.

So heres food for thought, excuse the pun!!! Lets look at seasonal purchases. And heres a challenge. After the summer, some of the best seafood products on the earth come on line, the Canadian seafood season really starts. Pacific halibut, you cannot beat it. Black cod.. always a favourite, especially in Hong Kong. Dungeness crab….. Beautiful. Of course Salmon, Canadian wild caught salmon, the whole range King, Coho, sockeye and my favourite Steelhead.

Come on team, make a little difference. Look for these items, change your usual Atlantic farmed salmon for seasonal Canadian wild caught salmon. Taste the difference. Support the fishermen. Go with the nature. Its that easy.


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