The rivers are running dry


There was a commentary in this weeks’ SCMP by Brahma Chellaney about the drying up of China’s rivers. It’s worth a read and it explains quite nicely what we humans have managed to do to this earth. It talks briefly about the Colorado river in the USA and how we humans ‘controlled’ it, tamed it. In Universities, where studying ‘environmental sciences’ is becoming a major area of study and in some cases an independent faculty, the Colorado river is in fact a case study of what is called ‘command and control’. This is the assumed authority of people, humans over nature. Well, initially it worked, but now the fall out is occurring. Not enough thought has been given to this.

The new ethos in environmental studies is called ‘adaptive management’. Not to make this too complicated it is essentially and understanding that we humans are part of the environment. We, are part of the earth’s ‘metabolism’, the workings of the earth. Everything is related and what we do, as humans, has an integral say in what happens to the earth. We all live in ecosystems, environments. They are essentially small and of course grow from micro to macro. But every action has an effect. Why aren’t we getting this? What will make people understand fully the state we are in??

Of course, I am a seafood supplier and my main interest is the state of the oceans. Why is there such prolific fishing to the extent that we are ruining ecosystems for future generations? Maybe this is the message that will hit a note? The fact that if we don’t understand and make changes, our kids and their families will have no future. There will be no wild caught fish! Food supply will be erratic. Or how about this. back to water and the Colorado river and modern-day and the possible lack of water. To quote former US President Harry Truman “The real or exaggerated fear of resource shortages and declining standards of living has in the past involved nations in warfare.”

So, war!!! More war?? Death?? Lack of water and other resources might lead to this? Well historically it has been proven with oil and the on-going middle eastern battles of oil and supremacy. Oil, YES! But water? Food?? We are on that slippery slope.

What to do?? Well somehow, we need to get on top of this and understand. Give me a hand. Give me some ideas.


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