The bears also eat salmon


Holidays are upon us, if we are lucky. Gives one time to clear the head. Put things in perspective perhaps. So, this message will be slightly broader topical message, broader than seafood at least.

I’m luckily enough to be in Vancouver, Canada. A beautiful city at any time, but in the summer… amazing. Such a mix of people in this city and anywhere you walk or, as is very common now, bike, you hear the eclectic range of accents and sights of cultures and creeds. It seriously is a very modern, cosmopolitan and progressive city.

Three things I’ve already noticed that are worth commenting on. One, small, multi-use/ share, short term electric hire vehicles. I love the fact that they have bike and ski racks also. Two, special plastic carpets on the beaches to allow disabled people to get on and off the beaches. Making the beaches accessible to all. And three, bike lanes and paths everywhere. Dedicated bicycle thoroughfares running north/ south and East/ West through the city. Being a cyclist, I find this superb. But I am also very aware that it is quite antagonistic, cyclists being seen by some as being arrogant and troublesome. It’s the same old ritual right? Great idea being questioned and possibly spoilt by a few selfish individuals. We see and hear that in some many arenas.

But I’m not going to get bogged down in debates on issues, on my holiday. I’m just taking a moment to highlight some simple progressive actions that have been taken in this city for the ultimate ‘betterment of all’. Seems that in Hong Kong, where I live, small steps in the City ‘for the betterment of all’ are difficult. Any positive potential ideas are generally stifled and then dogged by bureaucracy, taking ages, if at all, to come to fruition. Singapore can turn ideas into action in 1-2 years. Hong Kong just vacillates and then…… if the government is lucky, the ideas just wither and die. Anyway, less of that..

I’m going to completely rant about the superb seafood here in British Columbia (BC). Of course, the Salmon are in season as are the Sable fish and Pacific halibuts. So, two nights here and all I’ve dined upon is fish. It you are new to BC products; you’ll appreciate the fact that they are optimum now evidenced by the Japanese who are visiting and filling the restaurants. You cannot beat seasonal seafood.

So, when I get back to Hong Kong in August, my gift to you who do care. I will make all these items available to hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong. We’ll also be running some BC promos in selective supermarkets. So, watch this space, or sign up for our emails and online sales. Well keep you alerted.






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