Should we embrace ecosystem change?


Was intrigued by an article posted in ‘Fish choice’ the other day, referring to the fact that eating Maine sea bass and crab can help the Rhode island Lobsterman. In essence it was an article stating that one should embrace ecosystem change while you can. Change is inevitable, so embrace it rather than try to adapt it. This touches on the very sensitive topic of climate change, but we’ll save that discussion for another day… after some thought.

The article states that the fishermen must diversify their catches and in fact fish items that are now prolific. I would tend to agree, and in my own company we are trying to educate people exactly on this point, but more specifically seasonality. Buy seafood which is in season and abundant and really enjoy the benefits of it.

This whole idea was also highlighted in a paper my son was writing for a University essay on sustainability. This made reference to two academic papers which discussed the huge issue of global warming and its specific effect on American salmon and cod populations. It highlighted the growth in Alaskan salmon population due to warmer temperatures and the abundance of food, but countered with the dearth in east coast cod populations due to global warming, and their migration to cooler areas.

WE should all be aware of this, and the intimacy of the ecosystem. I’m letting this sink in as whilst I am absolutely convinced that climate change is happening, and that we can improve or slow it down, should we be moving to embrace the change and plan ahead?

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