Shopping for fish

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Shopping for fish


  • Check the name, make sure there is a latin name so you know what you are really buying. Just google it when you get home.

Atlantic Cod ( Gadus morhua )

  • Check the ingredients for additives. You really don't want any, especially STTP.
  • Get the right fish for your diet, low fat etc etc. Check the nutrition lable.
  • Check the glaze. You don’t want more than 10%. This is important as otherwise you are buying water.
  • The pack should state water content as a percentage as in 90% net weight
  • Check the best before date. It should no more than 6 months. All packs must have this under Hong Kong law, day/ month/ year
  • Be sensible, don't buy 'WHITE fish' or 'RED salmon'. What does that mean?? It could be anything.
  • Try to buy fish that are in season. Think ‘Sustainable’.

Please know your seafood. It will help you enjoy it.

Go to the PacificRich website for information on the fish, seasons and availability



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