Drip Bag Coffee – Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona Greenhouse Dried

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    Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Brownies, Cameral, Orangle, a pleasant black-tea finish and a strong body, very long aftertaste

    Origin: Guatemala

    Region: Antigue

    Farm: Bella Carmona Growing

    Altitude: 1,500 - 1,650m

    Processing: Greenhouse dried, Washed

    Variety: Bourbon

    Roasting Level: Light-medium

    Packing: 10 packs per box

    **Freshly roasted, drip bag coffee is Roasted-to-order and shipped within 1 week. Remarks:

    There is not including the coffee cup for the purchase of any drip bag coffee.


    Brewing Tips

    Step 1: Tear along the dotted line

    Step 2: Place hangers onto the cup

    Step 3: Add 90-92C hot water and wait 20 seconds

    Step 4: Slowly pour hot water until 200-220ml

    Step 5: Remove drip bag and enjoy your coffee