Food Safety and Health

By Pacific Rich Resources

We would like to suggest that consumers are NOT driven by the concept of 'sustainability' in their purchasing, certainly not in Hong Kong and possibly Asia in general. However, there is an increasing awareness of food safety and people want to know their food is safe and healthy. In Hong Kong, this is more than likely driven by the promulgation of information about food production in china. Horror stories occasionally arise, like the one earlier in the year, of 40 year old chicken being transported many times over national boarders and repackaged for sale. Then we have the contaminated mike powder sagas.

There is now doubt that food safety is very important. The consumer must trust the brand and the brand must mean something. We believe that suppliers that are able to show a product supply chain back to source, through accredited and safe production centres is a means of ensuring healthy product to market. In relation to fish, this means that the fish are caught in fisheries that are healthy. Fisheries that are SUSTAINABLE.

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