IUU (Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing)


Unfortunately in a recent report from Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GIATOC), China was by far the worst-ranked country, with a total “IUU score” of 3.93 out of 5. China ranked the worst possible on a number of categories, including the number of vessels on the IUU list and the number of distant-water vessels that are under multiple RFMOs.
China also scored poorly in terms of its number of fishing ports, and how those ports allow foreign vessels and imports.
The mentric compiled by (GIATOC), ranks countries on a number of metrics, with a higher score meaning a higher likelihood that a country’s policies are contributing to IUU fishing. The metrics have four main categories – coastal, flag, port, and general – which include subcategories like the size of the country’s exclusive economic zone, or the number of distant-water vessels under regional fishery.
( seafood source – Chris chase 2019-02-11)

This does not bode well for China. They have implemented moratoriums on fishing, but the problem of IUU is so bad and there are limited resources to police. The only answer is again back to the need for the buyer and all those in the supply chain to be responsible. Back to the need for Chain of custody/ traceability. All responsible buyers should as for proof. It is that simple!
For more information on IUU, What is IUU Fishing?

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