How’s your Plan B


Is the pandemic here to say? That’s the big question. What is definite is that it will certainly be here over the next 12 months and that our historic way of business will have to change. Where in the past business plans were written in stone, usually a defined direction and structured phased plan, we are now in a time of required versatility. Businesses need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. I would also we are moving evermore into a time of business models with higher variable costs and lower fixed. So, the question is, are you changing? Can you change. First and foremost, however, you need to be thinking of your Plan B.

We here at Pacific Rich were caught quite heavily in the Pandemic, with our focus on airlines, catering and food service. However, we were able to turn the ship reasonably quickly, and ramp up our retail platforms and product availability. At the same time, we are still actively developing Plan B, the renovated business for the new environment. To do this we have been working with our team of Associate consultants and there have been many ‘white board’ meetings. Its marvellous to have all our business colleagues coming together in solidarity.

We have now structured the Pacific Rich Resources BDU ( Business Development Unit ) to offer this service for the use of others. Please find information on the BDU and our associates on our website at BDU . Drop us a note if you think we might be of assistance. Stay well all and Carpe diem.



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