Happy New Year


Happy new year and best wishes for the year of the Rat. It maybe a ‘ratty year’, but you must have fish at this time of the year. Living in Hong Kong, you will be aware that steamed Fish 蒸魚 (zhēng yú) is a must for the Chinese New Year and, why is that? Why does fish symbolize surplus and wealth? In Chinese, fish (魚—yú) has the same pronunciation as 餘, which means “surplus” or “extra.” The typical blessing is 年年有餘 (Nián nián yǒuyú), wishing you to have a surplus (or fish) of food and money every year. So, make you sure that you get your fish for the season. We are offering wonderful Canadian fish at this time of year and the classic Skull island wild caught shrimps from Australia. I hope you’ll take advantage of these either at home or at the Canadian food promo at the Ritz Charlton Café 103.


Being the new year, I hope that you have taken advantage of the time to make your new year’s resolution. To commit to that little step to make a difference. To reiterate, it is only you, the consumer that can ultimately make a difference in saving the oceans. And it is necessary. A recent article in ‘Industry’ magazine. by Kashyap Vyas, raised the question of overfishing and whether we can ever reverse the damage that we’ve done, looking at the fact that our oceans may be at the point of no return. He states that the global numbers regarding fishing have gone from sustainable to straight-up devastating in just a few decades. Further now, the creatures of the water must fear about two more things in addition to human-made disasters - the rising water temperatures and plastic. The oceans are in bad shape.


But, to reiterate and keep ‘on point’, What is overfishing? And, what can we do to stop it? Overfishing happens when you catch fishes to the extent that there is not enough breeding population to fill the gap. Then the next wave of fishing further catches more breeding pairs, creating a chain of events where the fish population spirals down uncontrollably. We can stop overfishing only when the governments of the countries around the world actively push for regulations on fishing. For this to happen, governments must acknowledge that overfishing is a major problem in the first place. This is where your input is required.


Sustainable fishing aims to guarantee that the marine life thrives and not just barely makes it. It allows a healthy fish population for today’s human consumption as well as for the future generations. Currently, we remove about 77 billion kilograms of marine life from the ocean each year. It really is time for people and the government to act and bring about change. Oceans have a fine-tuning like everything else in nature, and what we do interferes with that balance so purchasing seasonally is important.


On that note, the northern hemisphere fisheries are now closed for winter. However, February will see the cod season start again and with that the beautiful fatty Icelandic Artic cod. It is actually just an Atlantic cod, but when it is caught at that start of the season, when winter is still on going, it carries good fat levels which augment the taste. Mackerel soon follows, but most of that quality fish will go to Japan. However, there is fish available, so we recommend looking out for the Icelandic skrei cod, char and other goodies.


Enjoy the Chinse new year fish, and then whether you’ve made your new year’s resolution or not, make buying seasonally a new motive for you. It will make a difference. So,go online and place your order for the Icelandic product now available. We’ve even portioned the fish to smaller units for you. And we’ll give you the recipes to enjoy it to the full.





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