About Chris

Hello all. Chris Hanselman here. I own and operate Pacific Rich Resources with my family. We have three generations of expertise in the seafood business which really does help us to source and bring the best products to you.
We supply seafood exclusively sourced from partners that provide ‘responsibly sourced seafood’ and continually work to develop products to suit the needs of both the you the individual and the food service industry.

What We Provide

From origins in fresh, live and frozen seafood, we now also provide value added seafood products, vegetable and sauces. All these make your lives easier, support a healthy lifestyle and with the seafood component, work to the preservation of the oceans.These pages are intended as an information resource for the benefit of you all. We intend keep you informed of the specific sources of all our products, tips on how to be creative with them in addition to developments and actions to preserve our oceans for future generations.