Carpe diem- it’s essential

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Seize the day. Can you? Will you?

Last week I wrote about the anticipated changes in our various personal Modus operandi, the way we live our lives and the way we operate. The Covid19 pandemic has affected us all and I intimated how maybe it was a ‘wake up call’. I talked about a ‘slap about the head’. However, to some of us it’s been more like a head butt and then been kicked whilst down. Once one has accepted the situation however, the realization is that everyone is being affected and one needs to retrench, get back on the horse, and move on. This is an opportunity to reevaluate and look at new business models and at ones self. To step out of complacency and possible apathy, to be adventurous and bold. Evaluating circumstances and then being proactive and creating positive change. It’s quite exciting actually.

I finished last week’s missive with the antidote of the farmers in Wisconsin dumping milk and estimating that 2.7 to 3.7 million gallons of milk could be dumped daily. That is a crazy situation. But in reality, have you ever really thought that farmers can’t just stop milking cows. When a milk cow is in production, you can’t just turn their production on and off. There is a great deal of fresh milk goes to schools, that of course nearly instantaneously stopped with the USA lock downs. But surely, the milk could have been taken, pasteurized and saved? I dare say this was thought about, however the mechanizations of such a change are not simple. But surely some thought should definitely have been given to it.

With Covid19 global supply chains have been crippled in a number of ways. Ports have been shut, so ships cannot unload, which has then had ramifications on container availability. A Wall street journal article in early April talked about the complexities of manning these vessels and crew replacements. A spokesman for the European Community ship owners’ association talked about ‘European shipping having reached breaking point.

In my own business, the downturn in the airline catering sector has been huge. It will come back but to what extent and over what period, a point a mentioned last week. Air travel may never be the same. Like everyone, I enjoy my holidays and I’m gasping one at this moment. But to be honest I can’t afford one. There are other priorities. However, I’m lucky. I will survive. But put all this in perspective, be more aware of the situation and open ones eyes. Last week, I looked at the carloads of Americans in their huge petrol guzzling cars queuing at food banks for support. There were limited images of the factory workers in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh pushing onto trains to get home with little immediate hope of employment in sight. Or the inhabitants of townships in South Africa queuing for Covid19 tests and hopefully a morsel to eat. Really. Lets wake up.

Guys. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. The seed has been planted. This is a time for change. It has to be. So switch on the cerebral. Start thinking. What can we do better? There is so much we can do. Share and be aware. Smile not scowl. Be proactive not nonchalant. We are only on this earth for 4 scores year and hopefully ten, so lets do what right for us and for our kids. Lets make a difference. In universities all over the world the environment and sustainability and becoming major buzz words. A new term for me in this ‘space’ is adaptive co management. It basically means that we are not in control of nature but an integral part of it. What we do will come back to haunt us or we can make improvements. So, let’s get on it. If you didn’t make your new years resolution, now maybe is the time to commit to a change in lifestyle and to making a difference



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