Canadian seafood


Happy new year. That’s for Chinese New Year by the way. And what is the favourite food for this time of year? Well its seafood. So, we are in the right space as a seafood company.

We’ve been promoting online and through hard advertising, that now is the time to eat Canadian seafood. In fact, visit café 103 at the Ritz Charlton, Hong Kong. You can get your fill there for the months of January and February. And, if you don’t like seafood, there’s a whole selection of Canadian food. So, go there and try. You’ll not regret it and you will get the taste.

But back to our area of expertise, seafood. Do you realise that Canadian produces some of the most sought-after seafood in the world, but the great majority gets exported, leaving Canadian shoppers not being able to get their own seafood and when they do, paying more for less. You’ll also find top class Japanese restaurants in the major Canadian cities. The Japanese know their quality. So, again, you need to try the vast selection of wonderful products from both east and west coast.

So, in our enthusiasm to introduce the seafood and the opportunity for you to try it in a formal promotion, courtesy of Ritz Charlton, our marketing was intended to be informative. However, this has caused some confusion amongst our clients as of course seafood is seasonal, and most Canadian seafood, on both coasts is caught in the latter months of the year. The reason for this is mainly climatic, in that over the winter months fishing is nigh on impossible due to the weather. However, from Spring you will start getting the best product. So why are we saying buy now? The main reason is that the quality Canadian seafood, like black cod and pacific halibut, is caught in deep waters, offshore. The seasonal salmon are not caught in deep waters per se, but they are caught in runs distant from the main ports. They are usually, slaughtered and then frozen, single frozen and then shipped.

What I am leading to is that now is the time to try the seafood from Canada. It is frozen, but single frozen. It is possibly the best quality of this seasonal fish you will get. Please make the effort to attend the promotion. Try the fish and then purchase it and follow our recipes. You will not regret it. Then anticipate the next season. In the interim, try the Icelandic fish now coming into season.



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