Buy fish that are in season. Educate yourself to seasonality


So, what happened last week?? The US president refused to sign a communique to protect the rapidly melting Arctic region unless it was stripped of any references to climate change. This follows him  rolling back environmental regulations, pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accord, and his administration’s continual ignoring of the dire predictions about the effects of climate change, This is a new assault.

I don’t intend to go into a debate on this as, I have mentioned in previous blogs, the evidence speaks for itself. Climate change may be a natural development of the earth, but we can mitigate the change by the use of technologies to benefit and adapt for the change. But this can only happen if we accept that there is a problem.

Now back to my favourite topic, the oceans and fishing. The warming waters associated with climate change are creating big ripple effects across fishing communities, noticeably in the USA and Canada. Fishermen have long battled over fish allocations, but the fights have become more intense and complicated due to climate change. As more fish head north in search of cooler waters, fishermen complain that quotas have not kept pace with shifting stocks, making it harder for them to make a living and bring fish to market. I again spoke previously about the lack of cod in the more southern waters as they head north for the cooler climes. On the other hand, Salmon, preferring warmer waters, are heading south and the runs this year on the west coast are looking at being bumper due to the abundance of food available.

In addition to the above, a recent article ( Stoksad-Science Magazine ) shows that

Fishing fleets have doubled since 1950—but they’re having a harder time catching fish. With ships’ motors getting larger, their range has increased and they have an increasing ability to bring more fish to port. But as competition increases, fish stocks are being taxed and it is taking more effort to find fish, the researchers warn. The trend is likely to continue, they say, and highlights the need to improve fisheries management in many places.

So back to my point, the quotas need to be altered to reflect the changing populations and new technologies. They should possibly also have a much more aggressive seasonality parameter to them. Catch when fish are in season, then let them replenish. We as consumers can also drive this. Beware of seasonality when purchasing.

Why not start in the next 6 months. The Canadian west coast fishing season is about to go be in full swing, so the fantastic seasonal wild caught species will be available, Black cod, pacific halibut and of course the salmons. Look out for these items and enjoy them at their best, also making a statement to save the oceans

Chris H

June 2019

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