This is an accredited unit which provides essential services to the company as well as outsourcing those skills to 3rd parties, especially SMEs.

The main functions are the R and D for new products for airlines, bulk catering and retail. These include frozen/ chilled, cooked/ raw and par-cooked items with a focus on quality BUT cost saving. Products are inspired through proactive interface with clients who appreciate and understand the requirements for ease/ cost saving items. The HACCP Production centre is available for all market segments for bespoke use.

Additionally, Pacific Rich Resources Services can assist you in your business, offering you a variety of services at different levels of commitment to suit your needs. These are offered on the basis of commission rates on COGS.

Service Options

Full Service (10% of COG)

Services include:

  1. Product development
  2. Sourcing of vendors and products
  3. Production management and order management
  4. Quality assurance and quality control
  5. Monitoring of shipping process
  6. Documentation handling
  7. Accounting and book keeping services
  8. General administration

Product Development and Sourcing (7.5% of COG)

Services include:

  1. Determination of client needs
  2. Sourcing of product RM and testing
  3. Development of value added and testing
  4. Full safety and quality testing

Production Planning Control (3% of COG)

Services include:

  1. Develop and produce full specification sheets
  2. Develop process flow chart and system
  3. Provide on line production control
  4. Provide production planning inspections
  5. Provide production capacity report as determined

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (3% of COG)

Services include:

  1. Assistance in providing quality assurance and quality control advice
  2. Development of full aspect CCP system
  3. Provide full pre-shipment inspection to ensure compliance with quality and safety requirements

  4. Provide shipping report

  5. Provide and report in factory audit for accreditation compliance

Order Management and Documentation (3% of Sales order amount)

Services include:

  1. Receipt of Purchase orders from customers
  2. Release purchase orders to vendors
  3. Monitor vendors delivery
  4. Arrange samples
  5. Shipment arrangement for merchandise and provision of shipping instructions to relevant vendors and suppliers

  6. Assistance in receiving customer L/C
  7. Handling of full set of shipping and banking documents
  8. Provision of shipment summary report

Accounting/ Book Keeping Service (Higher of 32% of COG or USD 2,500 Monthly)

Services include:

  1. Payment to vendors and suppliers according to customer instructions for ordered merchandise

  2. Provision of payment receiving records from customers
  3. Provision of payment records to vendors
  4. Provide monthly reconciliation records
  5. Banking assistance

Administrative Service (Higher 1% of COG or USD 1,500 Monthly)

Services include:

  1. Provision of PRR office address as registered address for customers HK office

  2. Use of PRR office as coordination for HK trip

  3. Assistance in documentation, annual return and HKSAR mail

Showroom Space

Applicable to PRR ‘full’ service clients market rate.

Payment For Services

Commissions are charges on a monthly basis to be reconciled by Customer and PRR accounts department. Adjustments of commission rates (if any) are made at the end of each financial year

A guaranteed annual services charge of USD 120,000 is applied to full service clients. A monthly service charge of USD 10,000 is to be transferred to PRR’s account to cover general overhead. This service charge is deductible from future commissions.