The PRR BDU is an accredited unit which provides essential services to PRR as well as outsourcing those skills to 3rd parties of all scales, large corporates and especially SMEs. Based in Hong Kong, the BDU has representative offices in China and Vietnam, with additional skilled team members in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

In this new age, the BDU offers skilled services in all areas of the food supply chain and business operation negating the need for overseas travel, ensuring skilled services on the ground and allowing for variable rather than fixed costs

Core functions

One of the main functions of BDU is the R and D for new products for airlines, bulk catering and retail. These include frozen/ chilled, cooked/ raw and par-cooked items with a focus on quality BUT cost saving. Products are inspired through proactive interface with clients who appreciate and understand the requirements for ease/ cost saving items. The PRR BDU Hong Kong HACCP Production centre is available for all market segments for bespoke use.

Additionally, the BDU offers services that can assist you in your business, offering you a variety of services at different levels of commitment to suit your needs. These are usually offered on the basis of commission rates on COGS or on a phased project based approach.

The BDU also offers relocation services for those companies that which to take advantage of opportunities in major locales. This includes company formation, employment and visa processing amongst other functions.

Some of the standard models are detailed below:-

Product development and sourcing

Services include:

  • Determination of client needs.
  • Sourcing of product RM and testing.
  • Development of value added and testing.
  • Full safety and quality testing.

Production planning control

Services include:

  • Develop and produce full specification sheets.
  • Develop process flow chart and system.
  • Provide on line production control.
  • Provide production planning inspections.
  • Provide production capacity report as determined.

Quality assurance and quality control

Services include:

  • Assistance in providing quality assurance and quality control advice.
  • Development of full aspect CCP system.
  • Provide full pre-shipment inspection to ensure compliance with quality and safety requirements.
  • Provide shipping report.
  • Provide and report in factory audit for accreditation compliance.

Accounting/ book keeping service

Services include:

  • CFO advisory
  • Payment to vendors and suppliers according to customer instructions for ordered merchandise.
  • Provision of payment receiving records from customers.
  • Provision of payment records to vendors.
  • Provide monthly reconciliation records.
  • Banking assistance.

Location/ Business set up

Services include:

  • Corporate formation support.
  • Business operation, licensing etc.
  • Employment issues including visa and employment.
  • Supplier identification and vetting.
  • Insurance

IT support

Services include:

  • Identification of hard ware system requirements.
  • Equipment/ software acquisition.
  • Installation and maintenance.
  • Web design.

Marketing and Social Media

Services include:

  • Relationship building.
  • Education focus.
  • Multi-channel creation, roll out and maintenance.


Services include:

  • Brand development and/ or refinement with consolidation.
  • Corporate and/ or Product artwork.
  • Production

Research and Development EXAMPLES

Pacific Rich has developed numerous portion controlled and RTE items for airline catering and food service companies, so reducing production costs, maximizing yield and bottom line price. These have included

  • Marinated basa nuggets/ RTE for Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS )
  • Seafood ravioli for Pizza express
  • Marinated pre-cooked cod nuggets for Emirates
  • Parr cooked vegetables for DNATA Singapore

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Associate consultants


Adrian Halkes

Adrian has over 40 years of experience in Hong Kong ranging from law enforcement to the commercial sector and is an outcome focused lawyer and entrepreneur.

He is a specialist in the construction industry sector environmental, safety and compliance law and been at the forefront of liquor licensing and food & beverage laws in Hong Kong for two decades.

His strategic and advisory skills range from the Hong Kong Government to SME operators and listed companies covering legislative change, business establishment, major acquisitions and takeovers. His knowledge in respect of immigration law, Inland Revenue regulation, the Municipal Services and Administrative Appeals Boards and the plethora of Government and statutory regulation in the HKSAR, sees him frequently consulted before a single step is taken to open a business or to acquire one.


Stanley Wong

Chef Stanley’s Southeast Asian and Continental culinary style is distinctively contemporary and reflects his upbringing in Germany to a German mother and Chinese father. His professional career journey spans over 25 years in a series of select positions at award-winning hotels and restaurants. In Hong Kong, he currently operates Culinart, a high-end catering and events company and a private Kitchen in Wong Chuk Hang. In addition, in Sydney he manages East side Kitchen + Bar, where he and his team deliver an urban and contemporary menu, relying on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients Stanley has worked with PRR for a number of years in menu and product development as well as product show cases..


Betsy Ho

Betsy is a qualified and accredited CPA, becoming an ACCA member in 2002 and a fellow in 2007. She has over 30 years’ experience as an accounting professional in Hong Kong. She has operated mainly in both medium companies and SMEs, in CFO and supervisory capacities covering all aspects of  corporate accounting. She has extensive experience in company formation, reporting and audits. She offers a wealth of knowledge in project management.

Production Quality Control and Quality Assurance

John Spillane

John has extensive experience in launching new products in F&B and agriculture and has been involved in import and export for over 10 years. John has been based in Vietnam for over five years with previous work experience in Australia and a number of SEA countries.

He has worked for numerous companies from multinationals to private business across numerous countries. His passion is working on projects with team members where striving towards a common goal is the ethos.


Kristine Nudds

Kristine has worked in marketing and communications for over 20 years, having specialized for the last 12 years on sustainability communications; working with companies to enhance their commitment to the planet and giving back to the people on it! She is now based in Hong Kong where she has worked with food-related businesses throughout Asia, from managing international marketing strategy and direction, to developing exciting communication campaigns and content-creation. She takes a results-driven approach and provides businesses with strategic counsel and creative, yet achievable solutions to business challenges.

Pumpkin Media

Pumpkin is a digital marketing agency established in 2019. The team have a range of marketing experience and a skilled network of professionals bringing together bespoke teams for project work. Their work ethos is relationship driven, where they work closely with companies to align their business strategy and goals with an effective marketing strategy and execution. Their approach is one of being ‘data focused’ and results driven.


Concepts, graphic designs and packaging

Vincent Cheng

Vincent is a Graphic designer by trade and has worked with PRR as an Art Director for many years. He has over 20 years of design experience generally working through his own design studio Design 101 Company. He has been instrumental in developing the many PRR brands, ensuring consistency yet differentiation. He won the Hong Kong Apex 2009 awards for Publication Excellence Competition for the 2008 KMB ‘s Efforts in Environmental Protection Report.

Interior Design et al.

Andy Croney

Andy Croney has worked in the interior design and acoustic field for over 30 years, specializing in aesthetic, sustainable and creative interior acoustic solutions.

Andy has always been committed to improving the aural environment without compromising the visual aesthetics of the space based on sound and environmentally responsible solutions.

He is a member of the Acoustical Society of America and in his long and extensive career has supported clients in the hospitality and Food and Beverage fields, among others.