Article on Seafood Source
7 April, 2020

Pacific Rich CEO laments COVID

Seafood and pine nuts, a healthy diet
7 April, 2020

I needed cheering up this week. So, a chuckle came from a strange place. New Scientist magazine published an article…

When the going gets tough……..
25 March, 2020

Well these are extraordinary times. There has been mention that they are akin to a war. I can probably assure…

Cooking with fish
12 March, 2020

Hello team. Apologies as got a little carried away last week, ranting on a sustainable seafood page about traffic issues.…

Make a difference, don’t just take advantage
26 February, 2020

This week I was actually ready to share with you how you can cook beautiful seafood, specifically fish. Always a…

Icelandic seafood
17 February, 2020

Do Icelanders like seafood? I think that is a silly question actually to ask a small island nation surrounded by…

Seafood culture, Loving fish
11 February, 2020

Oh my Chinese New Year celebrations have been and gone. We are now in the year of the rat. But…

Where is your fish really from
3 February, 2020

I was encouraged to write this missive based on many queries I have received over the last month. And these…

Happy New Year
24 January, 2020

Happy new year and best wishes for the year of the Rat. It maybe a ‘ratty year’, but you must…

Canadian seafood
20 January, 2020

Happy new year. That’s for Chinese New Year by the way. And what is the favourite food for this time…

To freeze or not to freeze, that is the question.
9 January, 2020

Happy new year. Hope you had a cracker and of course, made some good, ‘sustainable’ resolutions. You may have received…

The end of the year
30 December, 2019

A quick note to finish the year. I couldn’t resist it. It’s a more generic missive, but the message is…

A fishy New Year’s resolution
23 December, 2019

I sincerely hope that for those who get access to my rants, you have found them informative and useful. I…

Cod Wars
9 December, 2019

I thought I’d called this message ‘cod wars’, as the two separate topics I want to discuss can be classified…

Changing seasons
2 December, 2019

Sorry guys. I did say I was going to get back in the saddle this week after a slight break.…

Losing the battle
25 November, 2019

We had a break last week from my rants. But we need to get back on it this week as…

Interesting fish tales
18 November, 2019

I’ve been hammering home the sustainability message over the last few weeks and talked about ‘unloved fish’, ‘seasonality’, ‘salmon, wild…

What is the level of fishy fraud?
11 November, 2019

My goodness I can hear you say, He’s on one of his fish rants again. You know I love fish…

Food for Thought, the truth about salmon
4 November, 2019

I believe that we all love salmon. But what is your preferred salmon? Is the salmon in fact a salmon?…

Under loved fish
28 October, 2019

In many of my messages I have preached about seasonality. That is, purchasing seafood that is in season, because it…

Using Apps to support sustainability
21 October, 2019

In many of my messages I have preached how it is necessary for us to create the change in attitudes…

Prawns versus shrimps
14 October, 2019

Have not posted for a week or two. But when I was in Canada recently, as I was fishing ‘spot…

Keeping them honest
18 September, 2019

‘Keeping them honest’. The catch phrase always used by CNN when they go on the attack of Trump and his…

No more fish farm???
13 September, 2019

A couple of months ago I visited a magnificent salmon farm in the north of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I…

Cod off the menu again Copy
9 September, 2019

I don’t know about you guys, but I love my Atlantic cod fish. Not the Black cod or Pacific Cod…

Traceability – needs must for all seafood products
2 September, 2019

I have to say over the last few weeks, as we have been promoting our new range of ‘responsibly sourced’…

Paying Lip service
2 August, 2019

In Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP)a couple of weeks ago, there was an expose on the sale of…

News Headlines. A call to arms
26 July, 2019

A few weeks ago, I wrote on this site about the need to decide on a course of action to…

The bears also eat salmon
23 July, 2019

Holidays are upon us, if we are lucky. Gives one time to clear the head. Put things in perspective perhaps.…

The next ‘little step’
2 July, 2019

I have recently written on the difference between wild caught fish and farmed, particularly as regards salmon. Being intimately involved…

Parrot fish on the menu
18 June, 2019

A few weeks ago, I commented on the need to be vigilant when shopping. I asked you, the reader, to…

Canada’s salmons, more to the story
17 June, 2019

I recently caused a stir on FaceBook(FB) with one of my postings.  I was visiting an Atlantic Salmon farm off…

Is your seafood product really fresh?
11 June, 2019

At this moment, I’m writing this blog from Comox, British Columbia, Canada whilst attending the BC seafood expo. I’m here…

Buy fish that are in season. Educate yourself to seasonality
6 June, 2019

So, what happened last week?? The US president refused to sign a communique to protect the rapidly melting Arctic region…

The rivers are running dry
30 May, 2019

There was a commentary in this weeks’ SCMP by Brahma Chellaney about the drying up of China’s rivers. It’s worth…

Hong Kong, Asia’s world city. Really??
23 May, 2019

This is the question that comes up so often now. It seems that we as a city are failing to…

Oysters farms in Sai Kung
20 May, 2019

It’s a dream yes, but is it possible??The idea of oyster farms in Hebe Haven and Port Shelter, Sai Kung.…

News alert
7 May, 2019

Two things have cropped up this week in the media, which I thought I would flag. One is the massive…

The state of the Oceans
30 April, 2019

Someone posted the image above on Facebook the other day, which funnily enough I picked up whilst at church.‘Yes’ it…

First New Zealand Sustainable Seafood Day
24 April, 2019

Well done New Zealand. You should be really proud of yourselves. You are really leading the charge on trying to…

What are you eating…. Again
18 April, 2019

I wrote a blog entitled ‘what seafood are you really buying in HK’ on the 10th April. Today I want…

Should we embrace ecosystem change?
17 April, 2019

Was intrigued by an article posted in ‘Fish choice’ the other day, referring to the fact that eating Maine sea…

What seafood are you really buying on Hong Kong
10 April, 2019

I do get very upset when I stroll around the supermarkets in Hong Kong. I look at the labels and…

Easter Delivery
2 April, 2019

Its taken sometime, but now after many requests Pacific Rich are starting home deliveries. Our best sellers in the supermarkets…

IUU (Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing)
1 April, 2019

Unfortunately in a recent report from Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GIATOC), China was by far the worst-ranked country,…

Acceptance of sustainable seafood increases
1 April, 2019

This is supposedly true and if so, it is excellent news. It would appear that although there are antagonisms, mainly…

Brexit and our Oceans
25 March, 2019

In a few weeks the UK government’s fisheries bill will return to the House of Commons. The environment secretary, Michael Gove, has…

Farmed versus wild Salmon
25 March, 2019

I am always one to promote wild caught salmon over farmed. It is so much better, just in pure taste…The…

The South China sea. Real Issues!
19 February, 2018

The #SouthChinaSea (SCS) is 3.2 millionsquare kilometres on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It is known for various sovereign…

Overfishing: endangering the sea… endangering humanity
16 October, 2017

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, about 1 billion people, largely in developing countries, rely on fish…

What chefs want you to know about fish
12 September, 2017

One can eat good seafood all year round, and still maintain a positive mindset and action plan towards saving the…

Pacific Rich Resources offers supply chain servces
11 September, 2017

With nearly 20 years in the seafood business in Asia, Pacific Rich has established itself as the leader is the…

Pacific Rich Resources supports Hong Kong Kin Hong
11 September, 2017

The Kin Hong Seafood Festival runs throughout September. Come join the experts for a 360-degree exploration of sustainable seafood Our…

Salmon farming and the environment
20 August, 2017

Sarah Knapton, Science Editor 12 August 2017 • 1:45pm Salmon farming has done ‘enormous harm’ to fish stocks and the…

Kin Hong festival Hong Kong
10 August, 2017

Three more weeks to go to the #HongKong #KinHong seafood promotion. Look for the signs! Or you can sign up for more information…

Hong Kong Seafood Expo
16 July, 2017

The Seafood Expo hits Hong Kong between the 5th and 7th September. Visit this site for information and sign up:…

Sustainability in Asia
12 July, 2017

Asia takes the lead in sustainability initiatives. Follow this link for info on the sustainability summit in Kuala lumpur in…

Educating Children
12 July, 2017

Interesting article here from MSC Definitely worth a read MSC- Fish and Kids

Pacific Rich Services
5 July, 2017

With over 15 years of experience of production in China and Vietnam, PRR is now offering its support to third…

New Seafood Line
28 June, 2017

Pacific Rich launches two new seafood lines into the Hong Kong market in August. Through retail outlets of AS Watsons,…

New production facilities
19 June, 2017

It has taken us some time, by by August our new facility in Kwai Chung will be operational. with HK…

Sustainable seafood in China
19 June, 2017

Seafood consumption of the top 15 countries

New Zealand- progressive attitude
29 November, 2015

These links tell a great story about New Zealand and their fisheries. The fish stocks and fisheries in New Zealand…

Working together to save the oceans
24 September, 2015

Susan Jackson, President of ISSF, gives a TED talk on the importance of working together to save the Oceans. Have…

Oceans on the Brink of Collapse
20 September, 2015

Well team, we are not doing a very good job. Please read this…… The worlds oceans are in a state…

Sustainable Seafood Month in Hong Kong
24 August, 2015

inHong Kong can be a leader in promoting the use of ‘sustainably accredited ‘ seafood. The HK Government won’t take…

Food Safety and Health
20 August, 2015

We would like to suggest that consumers are NOT driven by the concept of ‘sustainability’ in their purchasing, certainly not…