Acceptance of sustainable seafood increases


This is supposedly true and if so, it is excellent news.

It would appear that although there are antagonisms, mainly the fees charges, the work of the ‘sustainable’, chain of custody accreditations appears to be having a positive effect. Recent metrics express in the Supermarket Perimeter news letter show great buy in from supermarkets in North America
In the past three to five years. The number of retailers selling product bearing the blue oval has increased significantly, amongst them Kroger, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Safeway and Albertsons being current industry movers. Cant say it is the same here in Hong Kong or Singapore. There is a huge reluctance for the major chains to educate and take a stance. If they do, it is small and basically lip service. Not sure what the answer is, but PRR will continue working on. Strangely, in the hospitality business airlines like CX, BA and Virgin are driving change and likewise hotel groups like Marriott/ Starwood and Shangri La are well on board. Well done guys.

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