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So, post covid, as a traveler, what do you like for an inflight meal? I have to say, personally I am a fan of having a meal on a long-haul flight. It is really nice settling into the seat, being served a beverage and then a small, tasty meal, before I slip into slumber before or midway through a movie. However, the standards of these meals vary substantially which of course is not dependent on the menu necessarily but the port where it is prepared. I am also quite partial to a light breakfast prior to landing, except on arriving in the UK, when you can’t beat the bacon sandwich and HP sauce at the airport or train station on your way to a final destination. I do, however, hate with a passion the quick noodle option midflight and to be honest, the spell of the additives should be banned.

So, what is the future of ‘inflight meals’. For short haul flights, they will disappear per se. It will become a beverage of sorts, maybe some biscuits or a packet of crisps. You’ll have to get your real snack from the shops or little stalls that I anticipate will spring up air side. Mid distance flights will see meals retained with limited choice and little flair. Long haul, you’ll still get your meal or meals. But what about quality and choice?

With technologies available now in meal preparation and re-heating on board, you will get better quality. I also believe that you will also have greater choice, and that even prior to boarding you’ll be able to create you bespoke meal. Way to go!

Pacific Rich is working with global airlines to bring this to fore. Sustainable and healthy seafood options are our core strength, but now we have other proteins, veggies and salad laves to compliment all dishes. Don’t hesitate to drop our Business Development Unit a line if you want to explore.

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